EMC VMAX Solution Enabler commands

Display pool space info

symcfg list -pool -thin -gb -sid <SID>

Reclaim zero space

symconfigure -cmd “start free on tdev <TDEVID> start_cyl=0 end_cyl=last_cyl type=reclaim;” commit -sid <SID>

List all LUNs space info

symcfg -sid <SID> list -tdev -detail -gb

List LUN detailed space info

symcfg -sid <SID> list -tdev -RANGE <TDEVID:TDEVID> -detail -gb

Add VMware authorization for Solution Enabler

symcfg add authorization -host <FQDN of vCenter Server> -username <username> -password <password> -vmware -namespace vmware/vc

Display device details

symdev -sid <SID> show <TDEVID>

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