Some command lines for EMC ScaleIO installation and management.

It’s cli under Windows and scli under Linux.

Add primary MDM
cli −−add_primary_mdm −−primary_mdm_ip −−accept_license

Login to MDM
cli −−mdm_ip −−login −−username admin

Change password
cli −−set_password −−old_password admin −−new_password Password123!

Add secondary MDM
cli −−mdm_ip −−add_secondary_mdm −−secondary_mdm_ip

Add Tiebreaker
cli −−mdm_ip −−add_tb −−tb_ip

Switch to cluster mode
cli −−mdm_ip, −−switch_to_cluster_mode

Add thin LUN
cli −−mdm_ip, −−add_volume −−size_gb 100 −−volume_name SSD1 −−protection_domain_name SSD −−storage_pool_name SSD −−thin_provisioned

cli −−add_sdc −−sdc_ip

List all volumes
cli −−mdm_ip, −−query_all_volumes

Present LUN to SDC
cli −−mdm_ip, −−map_volume_to_sdc −−volume_name vol1 −−sdc_ip

Present LUN to SDC with option to present LUN to other SDCs
cli −−mdm_ip, −−map_volume_to_sdc −−volume_name vol1 −−sdc_ip −−allow_multi_map

Unpresent LUN from single host
cli −−mdm_ip, −−unmap_volume_from_sdc −−volume_name vol_1 −−sdc_ip

Unpresent LUN from all SDC
cli −−mdm_ip, −−unmap_volume_from_sdc −−volume_name SSD1 −−all_sdcs

Extend LUN size
cli −−mdm_ip, −−modify_volume_capacity −−volume_name <NAME> −−size_gb <SIZE>

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