vMotion fails with error – “Failed to receive migration”

At some point I noticed that vMotion for several VMs failed with message “Failed to receive migration”.

After some investigation I discovered that VM advanced setting “mks.enable3d” had been changed from TRUE to FALSE without powering off the VM. After power cycling the VM vMotion started to work again. But I was not able to power cycle all the VMs so I changed the mks.enable3d setting value back to TRUE and then vMotion also started to work again.

I guess that’s why you should change advanced settings on powered off VMs instead of powered on VMs.

VM disk consolidation fails – “Unable to access file since it is locked”

Couple of time per month I’m seeing errors during backup where VM has orphaned snapshots are locked and they are preventing new backups to be performed. Under Tasks I see several failed tasks – “Consolidate virtual machine disk files” with status “Unable to access file since it is locked”

To unlock the file I usually restart the management agents of the host from the console where the VM was located when error occurred.

I have wrote about this type of issue before when it happened to me on ESXi 5.5 – VM DISK CONSOLIDATION FAILURES