HPE iLO problem with Embedded Flash/SD-CARD

Some time ago I discovered two HPE BL490c Gen9 servers with iLO in “Degraded” status. From diagnostic page it was visible that error was related with Embedded Flash/SD-CARD – “Embedded media manager failed initialization”. The Login banner was also showing a warning.

With ILO4 firmware 2.61 or newer there is a “Format” button to format the embedded Flash/SD-CARD. If you format the embedded Flash/SD-CARD the iLO will reset and and hopefully the error is fixed. It worked on one of my servers. The other one was still showing error after iLO reset. Then I performed a power-cycle to the blade server using E-FUSE process. Logged into Onboard Administrator and issued “server reset <bay_number>”. After the server re-started the error about the iLO disappeared.

Advisory from HPE regarding the issue – https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c04996097


5 thoughts on “HPE iLO problem with Embedded Flash/SD-CARD

  1. Was the server on while you performed the format of the Embedded Flash/SD-Card?Did you perform a reboot after the format?

      • I lose information from the ILO when I press the format button??? … my server is in production and I can’t stop it or restart. I get a message that I have to reconfigure ILO, BIOS, Intelligent Provisioning, i get a message that I have to reconfigure ILO, BIOS, Intelligent Provisioning if I click the format button and I am confused


  2. I do not lose the information of the ILO? at the moment press the button “Format the embedded Flash and Reset ILO” my server is in production, I can’t stop it


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