Active Directory groups not available in new vSphere HTML5 UI

I discovered an issue with my vSphere 6.5 (build 5973321) when trying to delegate permissions via new HTML5 UI – when I try to search for a Active Directory group nothing is found. Same operation in old Flash based UI successfully found the group. I also tried with latest vSphere buildĀ 7119157 – the issue exists in that version as well. Authentication source Active Directory is configured as “Active Directory (Windows Integrated Authentication).

As the old UI works I’ll be opening a support case sometimes in the new year to confirm the issue with VMWare.

05.01.2018 Update: According to VMWare support HTML5 GUI is not fully supported and this type of issues may occur. It will be fixed when HTML5 GUI will be fully supported.


Monitor and troubleshoot VMWare ESXi through logs

I recently worked with Graylog and Grafana to collect, analyze and visualize VMWare ESXi logs. I’ve started a new page where I will collect all the search strings I have found useful.

Some examples of Grafana charts

I will be updating that page with new strings as I’m upgrading from vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6.5.