Incompatible device backing specified for device ’13’

I was doing some Shared Nothing Live Migrations between two VMware clusters (version 5.5) and I was getting following error at 25% of the migration – “Incompatible device backing specified for device ’13′”. Searching from internet indicated issues with network adapter but in this case network adapter was not the case.

Issue in this case was a raw device mapping (RDM) that had a different LUN ID in destination cluster.

vMotion between the clusters worked for VM when the datastore was made visible for all the hosts. Storage vMotion did not work in destination cluster – got same error.

Solution for me was to present destination datastore to original hosts and perform Storage vMotion in original location and then perform a vMotion to destination cluster.

Another solution I tested

  • Shutdown the VM
  • Remove the RDM
  • Perform migration to destination cluster
  • Reattach the RDM