VM showing 0 bytes used from old datastore after Storage vMotion

Recently I did some VM migrations to new datastores and I ran into a problem. Two VMs were showing that they were still using the old datastore although Used Space column showed that 0 B used. This happens sometimes when VM has CDROM or floppy disks are configured to use some image. But this time it was not the case.


After some digging around I found that it was VM log file (vmware.log) that had not moved during Storage vMotion.

To fix the issue I did following:

  1. Shutdown VM
  2. Downloaded the VMX file
  3. Edited the VMX file parameter “vmx.log.filename”. Replaced the existing wrong full path with “./vmware.log”
  4. Uploaded the VMX back to VM folder
  5. Started the VM
  6. Executed another Storage vMotion operation

After the Storage vMotion the old datastore was now released and I was able to decommission it.


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