Running Nutanix Community Edition nested on VMware Workstation

It is now possible to install and run Nutanix Community Edition (Version 2015.06.06) nested on VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation. 

Joep Piscaer has detailed install guide for Fusion that also works for Workstation –

UPDATE – This issue occurred with version ce-2015.06.06-beta. This issue no longer exist with version ce-2015.06.08-beta.

Only problem I ran into was that I was getting following error from the installer:

INFO: Nutanix Community Edition cannot be installed on this hardware. Reason:
INFO: A set of disks matched the minimum requirements was not found.

After some digging I found that both of the added SCSI drives were identified as spinning disks although they both were stored on SSD. To fix this issue:

  • Login as root. Password – “nutanix/4u”
  • Identify your “SSD” and “HDD” -> “fdisk -l”. In my setup “SSD” is “/dev/sda”
  • Run “cat /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational”. 0 means SSD and 1 means HDD.
  • Run “echo 0 > /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational” to change the value from 1 to 0.
  • Rerun the installer

Now the installer was happy with my setup and after few minutes I had Nutanix Community Edition up and running on VMware Workstation.

17 thoughts on “Running Nutanix Community Edition nested on VMware Workstation

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  2. Hey Kalle, I did a couple of tweaks on the config files, but could not install it. In my setup, I am only using Virtual SSDs emulated from vmware workstation(not actual SSDs). Please advise on this.

  3. I have customized the hot(ssd) & cold(hdd) tier along with Iops in the config files to match my requirement for my virtualSSDs but no luck. Please advise.

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  7. Looks like is not possible to modify /sys/block/sdxxx/queue/rotational any more… tried also editing with vi. Any ideas?

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