Red Hat Summit 2014 presentations

I went through some Red Hat Summit 2014 presentations and found few interesting things. Presentations are available at Red Hat website –

Linux Containers in RHEL 7 – Key Takeways (Link to presentation)

  • Application isolation mechanism for Light-weight multi-tenancy
  • Application centric packaging w/ Docker image-based containers
  • Linux Containers Productization
    • Key kernel enablers – full support in RHEL 7 GA
    • Docker 1.0 – shipped with RHEL 7 GA
  • Linux Container Certification
  • Red Hat and Docker partnership to build enterprise grade Docker

RHEL roadmap (Link to presentation)

Theoretical Limits on X86_64

  • Logical CPU – maximum 5120 logical CPUs
  • Memory – maximum 64T

RHEL 7 will support XFS, ext4, 3, 2, NFS, and GFS2

  • Maximum supported filesystem sizes increase
    • XFS 100TB -> 500TB
    • ext4 16TB -> 50TB
  • btrfs is a technology preview feature in RHEL 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has XFS as the new default file

  • XFS will be the default for boot, root and user data partitions on all
    supported architectures
  • Included without additional charge as part of RHEL 7 subscription

RHEL 7 Storage Enhancements

  • New protocols and driver support
    • Shipping NVMe driver for standard PCI-e SSD’s
    • Support for 16Gb/s FC and 12Gb/s SAS-3
    • Linux-IO SCSI Target (LIO)
    • User-specified action on SCSI events, e.g. LUN create/delete, thin provisioning threshold reached, parameter change.
  • LVM
    • RAID, thin provisioning and snapshot enhancements
    • Tiered storage, using LVM/DM cache, in technology preview

 Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor roadmap (Link to presentation)

Performance: Windows Guest Improvements

  • Make Windows guests think they are running on Hyper-V

Scalability: Large Guests

  • Host: 160 cores; 4TiB RAM
  • Virtual Machine CPU Limit : 160 vCPUs
  • RHEL6 4000GiB guest RAM
  • RHEL7 4 TiB guest RAM

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