Missing Array Pair when adding protection groups in VMware SRM

Recently I reinstalled my infra test environment and stumbled on a problem in VMware SRM while creating protection groups. My problem was that the location where I should have selected the Array Pair for which I wanted to create protection groups was empty.

After doing some digging in logs I discovered following lines in SRM log:

[01212 error ‘DatastoreGroupManager’ opID=420f60c] Device ’82’ matches two different devices ‘naa.60060e8013294d005020294d00000052’ and ‘hitachi_hus_vm0_0052’
[01212 error ‘DatastoreGroupManager’ opID=420f60c] Device ’83’ matches two different devices ‘naa.60060e8013294d005020294d00000053’ and ‘hitachi_hus_vm0_0053’
[01212 verbose ‘DatastoreGroupManager’ opID=420f60c] Matched 0 devices of total 60
[01212 warning ‘DatastoreGroupManager’ opID=420f60c] No replicated datastores found for array pair ‘array-pair-7037’
[01212 verbose ‘DatastoreGroupManager’ opID=420f60c] Recomputed datastore groups for array pair ‘array-pair-7037’: 0 replicated datastores, 0 replicated RDMs, 0 free devices, 0 datastore groups

Device 82 and device 83 were the luns which are replicated and which contain VMs. The problem was that these devices were identified into two different ESXi devices. After checking ESXi hosts I figured out the problem – out of three hosts two hosts had 3rd party multipath software installed. This caused the luns to be identified differently. After I unpresented the luns from the host which did not had 3rd party multipathing software installed the array pair showed up in SRM.

It seems that it’s needed to keep ESXi hosts similar if they have been presented replicated luns which you want to use with VMware SRM.