Automatically download HP drivers to VMware Update Manager

Recently during VMware Flash Read Cache testing I noticed that drivers on my ESXi hosts (HP BL460c blades) were not up to date. After looking into it I discovered that not all drivers were downloaded to VUM automatically from HP vibsdepot.

Currently I had only added source to VUM which provided me with updates to HP Management tools for ESXi.

HP vibsdepot

To get the latest drivers automatically I added a new URL to VUM –

HP Drivers download

More information can be found at – 

Bug in SRM 5.8 related to network mappings – UPDATE 2!!

Two weeks ago I discovered that in VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.8 it was not possible to configure network mappings when number of port groups was 40+. Instead of list of port groups only thing that was shown was line “Portgroups”. After reducing the amount of port groups to 15 I was able to do the mappings. I reported the error to VMware and today they confirmed that it is now a verified bug.  No word on the fix yet.

SRM 5.8 port groups mapping bug

There is also a thread in VMware forums about this issue: 

Update – VMware has informed me that this bug will be fixed in the next release. No exact ETA but indication that it will be before the end of the year. 

Update 2: Site Recovery Manager has been released which fixes the issue.

Modify VMware Update Manager host reboot timeouts

I recently had a need to modify VMware Update Manager (VUM) host reboot timeout to allow host firmware patching during reboot without timing out remediation job.  Most VUM settings are in vci-integrity.xml file located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager“.

Lines I need to change were following:


I changed the values to:


This change allowed me to patch ESXi host (HP Blade server) and install new firmwares with a same reboot and with as less operations as possible.

My workflow was following:

1) Open iLO consoles for all servers in the cluster I needed to patch
2) Mount an HP firmware iso to all servers
3) Scan host with VUM
4) Remediate hosts with VUM
5) Do something useful while hosts are been patched and firmwares are been updated.
6) Verify

With this workflow VUM will put ESXi host to maintanance mode, install some patches, reboot, host will boot from firmware DVD, new firmwares will be automatically installed, host is rebooted again and it will boot back to ESXi. After that VUM will repeat same tasks on all other servers.