EMC RecoverPoint SRA 2.2 discoverArrays failed error

We recently upgraded to vSphere 5.5 U1. While upgrading VMware SRM we ran into a problem with EMC RecoverPoint Storage Replication Adapter 2.2 and RecoverPoint 4.0 P1. When adding RecoverPoint Array Manager we got an error while trying to discover it. Error message was “SRA command ‘discoverArrays’ failed. Internal error. Please see server logs for further details.”


When checking SRM logs there was not much there. The SRA log folder was empty – C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\Logs\SRAs\array-type-recoverpoint.


We tried different things to fix it. Finally we uninstalled SRA version 2.2 and installed SRA version 2.1. That fixed it – no more errors when adding Array Managers.

We have not had more time to dig into the problem. It might be that SRA version 2.2 is not working with RecoverPoint 4.0 P1. Anyway we will be looking into upgrading our RecoverPoint to latest version. We will be trying SRA 2.2 again after RP-s are upgraded.



2 thoughts on “EMC RecoverPoint SRA 2.2 discoverArrays failed error

  1. Thanks it saved me some time. Using 5.5 U2, SRM 5.5, RecoverPoint 3.5 sp1. SRA 2.2 doesn’t work but SRA 2.1 does.

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