Things I remembered from VMWorld Europe 2013

This post contains some of the things I remembered from VMWorld Europe 2013.

  • VMware is working on a tool to help with a sizing of VMWare Flash Read Cache size and block size.
  • Using VSAN to build metro-cluster? Currently not since it’s not possible to control location of replica and witness. They all might end up in the same data center. In the future this might change when configurable fault-domains are introduced.
  • SAP HANA performance is 95% of bare metal performance when running on VMWare
  • When vNUMA is bigger then pNUMA performance is impacted.
  • When increasing vCPU count change virtual sockets not virtual cores. Change virtual cores only if needed by operating system license.
  • Rightsize your VMs! Idle vCPU-s still need management. Idle vCPUs will not increase application performance.
  • Space reclamation has been improved in vSphere 5.5
  • EMC ViPR will be available from January 2014.
  • Pure Storage biggest setup can be 36TB raw. Performance specifications are for one storage controller –  one controller can do 400K 8KB IOps.
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache allocation is a hard reservation at the moment. This might change in the future.

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